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Importance of good manners

Importance of good manners

স্বতঃস্ফূর্ত ইংরেজি বলার জন্য দৈনন্দিন জীবনে ইংরেজিতে কথা বলা ভালো অনুশীলন। এর ফলে নতুন শেখা ইংরেজি শব্দগুলো ঝালিয়ে নেওয়ার সুযোগ পাওয়া যায়, মুখের জড়তা কাটে, আত্মবিশ্বাস বাড়ে। আজ আমরা সুজন ও হাসিবকে ভালো ব্যবহারের গুরুত্ব সম্পর্কে আলোচনা করতে দেখব।

Sojib : Good manners are very essential for all.

Hasib : These do not cost anything but are valuable for social relations with others.

Sojib : Good manners help a person in winning friends and admiration.

Hasib : I firmly believe that good manners make a person civilized and cultured.

Sojib : A person without manners will always remain savage and uncivilized.

Hasib : It is very necessary that children should be taught good manners. Ill-mannered children bring bad name to their parents.

Sojib : Sometimes even children belonging to rich families do not possess good manners.

Hasib : Therefore, it is very necessary that parents and teachers should teach good manners to the young children.

Sojib : Good manners are based on courtesy and politeness.

Hasib : Use of polite word like “Thank you”, “Please”, “Sorry” etc. can create a very good impression on others.

Sojib : Although these cost nothing yet they have a favourable impression on others.

Hasib : Even when you have to say ‘No’ to other persons we should say it in a very polite manner, so that their feelings are not hurt.

Sojib : We should always respect the feelings and opinions of other people.

Hasib : We should neither criticize their religion nor point out their personal defects.

Sojib : While talking to others we should also be good listeners.

Hasib : While sneezing or coughing, we should always put the handkerchief on our nose or mouth.

Sojib : We should also show consideration to our elders, ladies and the sick persons.

Hasib : Similarly, we should not brag about our achievements in the company of others.

Sojib : Great men are always humble and simple.

Hasib : We should not be jealous of the achievements of others. Nor should we criticize a person in his absence.

Sojib : It’s a nice conversation, thank you. Good bye.

Hasib : Bye, bye.

* Savage- অসভ্য

* Courtesy- সৌজন্য

* Brag- গর্ব করা